Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Will We Finally See Justice for Mumia?

Long time political prisoner and former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal may, after decades of fighting, have his day in court!! Click the link to watch Democracy Now's coverage.

Court Rules Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Death Sentence is Unconstitutional, Grants New Sentencing Hearing

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fuck Whole Foods

The Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto,
By: Ronnie Cummins on Counterpunch

Please read and repost this somewhere, I guess we need to write letters and boycott to save our organic farms too now ... WTF?!?!?!

There's a reason why other countries have fought to keep these profiteers out of their countries, and now we have almost no where to find foods we can trust.
This is not a Whole Food, this is Frankenfood!! I'm all set ...

Ronnie Cummins: The Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Hobbit ... oooo ... I can't wait!!!

The Story of Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves who take on the enemies of Middle Earth; I had to adjust the widths on my blog to fit this, so its all crappy looking, but well worth it for this behind the scenes first look. I'm sure it'll be years in the making, but I'll be on the look for it and in the theatre for the openinign show for sure ... Enjoy ...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Jules Verne 1828-1905

I'm beginning this post with how stupid work is because it leads into today being Jules Verne's birthday in a sense. Now I love what I do for a living, its just work in general that I take issue with, and its not even that I mind working, but its the whole routine of it; I have to be at work at this time and stay til this time a minimum of 5 days a week. I'm only bitching about it cause I'm having a morning where I'd rather take my time paying tribute to Jules Verne, drinking coffee, perhaps going back to read some of his work as a sort of homage to the man this morning, but instead I have to go to stupid work; I just wish I could send a clone for a couple of hours in my stead.

Anyway, I will spend the little, insufficient time I have giving you all a little snippet about the father of the science fiction genre, Jules Verne. I'll give you a link at the end in the event that you want to learn more, unless you're already well versed in Verne. For all of us who read sci/fi, fantasy, and other genres that dabble with the paranormal, we have Jules Verne to thank for his early work, so, if you, like me, have no time to for a proper celebration, you can take a moment right here, right now, to sing with me on this glorious anniversary of the day of his birth.


Happy Birthday to Jules, Happy Birthday to Jules, Happy Birthday dear Juuuulllleees ... Happy Birthday to Jules ...

And here we go,

Jules Verne, was a
popular French author in his time, and the founding father of science fiction along with his contemporary H.G. Wells (The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, but today isn't his birthday, so that's enough of that). Verne wrote stories in both the adolescent (today we call it YA) and adult categories that capitalized on the fascination with scientific progress and invention that was, perhaps for the first time in history, becoming general fodder for the masses in the mid to late nineteenth century. Verne left us with classics such as Around the World in Eighty Days, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Journey to the Center of the Earth, amongst others. I highlight these as they are, perhaps, his greatest stories ever, but certainly are Verne's legacy--they made him a legend. These particular stories have been made and remade into movies time and time again, and even their premises have been used as ideas for other written and visual entertainment. Around the World in Eighty Days was most recently remade for the screen in 2004 so will continue to excite a new generation and there is even a ride at Disney World in Florida inspired by Vernes' 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ...

I have to go to work now, so here is the link I promised:

~Tha Motha

Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog Hopping

Good morning blog junkies~

So this post is about blog hopping, and today is my first blog hopping experience, so I am in no way an expert on the topic. What I can tell yuou is that blog hopping is a way to connect with fellow bloggers to make new "friends" and find some new and interesting blogs to follow. I am going to participating in two today; one hosted by Crazy For Books and the other hosted by Parajunkee's View, and you should join in the fun too.

Crazy for Books reviews mostly adult novels and lists contemporary fiction as her favorite genre. Parajunkie showcases mostly young adult novels with a vampire, shifter, paranormal flair--she is also hositng a "For adults only" page where, while keeping true to her paranormal flair, these books have an erotic element to them. Please check out both of these blogs, sign up for Blog Hopping, and find new and interesting bloggers and books!!

Crazy for Books asks the following question of this weeks hoppers: "What book are you most looking forward to seeing published in 2011? Why are you anticipating that book?" The book I am most anticipating in 2011 is Forever by Maggie Stiefvater. It is the third book of The Wolves of Mercy Falls series ; and I read the first two in less than 48 hours. Now, I have to be patient and wait for the third of the series to be released on July 12th, and I'm not big on patience. You can read my review of the series here on my blog.

If I do this correctly, you should be able to click the buttons on the right under the title of blog hopping and get directly to posts that will allow you to sign up. Happy Hopping!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Choker by Elizabeth Woods

What if the only friend you could trust turned out to be dangerous? -- Amazon

Cara Lange hasn't had a true friend since her parents transported her to a new town in the fifth grade; since they took her away from her best, and only, friend Zoe. She has been an outcast since her arrival, having never really "fit in", and things only get worse in high school. Cara is constantly tormented by two popular girls, Sydney and Alexis, who seem to have made it their goal to make Cara's life at school miserable.

One day, out of the clear blue, Zoe arrives at Cara's house needin
g a place to escape from her abusive step-father. Fearing that someone may come looking for Zoe, the girls decide its best not to let anyone, especially Cara's parents, know that Zoe is holing up in Cara's bedroom. Cara's life takes a 180-degree turn for the better with Zoe's arrival, but when strange things begin happening around town shortly after Zoe's arrival Cara begins to suspect her best friend is somehow connected.

Cara is torn between the love she has for her best friend and
a sickening feeling she just can't shake; she knows Zoe has something to do with it. When Cara decides she has to tell her parents, tell someone, what's going on, the story takes a wild turn that smacks you straight in the face just when you've decided that you know how its gonna end. If you want to know what the deal is with Cara's creepy best friend, you'll have to read to find out--no spoiling here.

Debut author Elizabeth Woods' delivers a clever, well written, breakout novel loaded with suspense in her breakout novel. This is definitely one of those, "I didn't see that coming," books--which for me are some of the best kinds. For the past week I've been obsessing over this book--I'm usually always reading more than one book at a time, especially now that I'm participating in two book challenges-- and have been driving myself crazy, and my telling my book-whore friends that I was dying waiting for the story to break. I almost couldn't take any more anticipation waiting for the climax ... waiting ... waiting ... then, smack, there it was. Now that I've finished, I have to say, the craziness was so, so worth it.

The book is very short, 177 pages, and the most genius thing about Woods' writing, is that at every step the story was totally exciting, but predictable. If it weren't so pent up with anticipation I probably would've stopped reading it because I felt like I knew what was gonna happen next, and I did. I was driven to continue reading because it was psychologically thrilling, because I loved the darkness of Zoe's character and was fascinated watching her develop, and because I was so sure I knew what would happen next, I had to stick around to ensure my predictions were in line with the story the author was telling.

All of my predictions about the story were right, with very little exception, until they weren't anymore. I got to the end and Elizabeth Woods shook my entire theory about how the book would end and it fell apart; she turned my theory on its head. This was a fabulous moment, I'm talking, the ending blew-my-mind moment, and only a great writer can elicit this in a novel. I was astonished; it makes me wish I were starting the book all over again without knowledge of how it would turn out; I want that what the fuck happened feeling again. the more fun to have read.

So, what's Tha Motha's final recommendation on Choker; read and keep reading!! If you find yourself disappointed, which I'm quite confident you won't, then you can blame me :*)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Black Power Mixtape

Alright; as many of you may know, February is Black History Month, so, in preparation I thought I'd post a link here where actor and activist Danny Glover talks about a new and important documentary film. It was shown at the Sundance Film Festival last week and was co-produced and is narrated by Glover. I obviously can't write a review about a film I haven't yet had the privilege to see, but I did write a paper on the Black Power Movement in college, and this is a huge point of interest in American History for me. Being a new doc, I've only seen random clips and I can't seem to find out how to buy it, but you can bet your ass I will!!

Please watch this, even if it's the one homage to Black History Month; I'm posting it a week before February, so you've got a month!! Get on it ...

The Black Power Mixtape

~Tha Motha